Since 1871

Gulluoglu was established KSA Riyadh in July 2014. If we talk about baklava, Gulluoglu is the first name that comes to mind. Our story begins almost 160 years ago, in 1871. Gulluoglu is considered the largest baklava school and we have trained all baklava chefs in Turkey. This legend remained in the city in which it was founded in Gaziantep until 1949. On that day, Mustafa Gullu decided to expand to Istanbul.


Gulluoglu is the well-known brand of leading Turkish baklava that originated in Gaziantep, Turkey 160 years ago. Najat Jolo – the fifth generation.

The Fifth Generation

The son of Mustafa Gullu, Najat Gullu is the chief of Gulluoglu in Kagithane. He started preparing baklava while still studying in Gaziantep next to his uncle Halit Gullu where he became a skilled craftsman. In 1969 he became head of the store in Istanbul. He graduated in 1975 and enrolled in military service at the same age, and he continued his work soon after graduation.


He took radical decisions in this era. He continued his store to Karakoy in 1976, and started opening new stores all over Istanbul. He started circulating baklava to Greece around this era. He started building the Baklava Factory in Kagithane in 1996 and shortly after it became the largest baklava facility in the world. He also brought his baklava father to Istanbul, Nejat Gulluoglu aims to bring baklava around the world.